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Spring Rains May Indicate the Need for New Windows

Spring is here, as well as the spring showers. Watching rain fall out your windows isn't a bad thing… unless the rain is leaking in through the window!


Rainwater that manages to squeeze in around window frames can be problematic in a variety of ways, and stem from different causes. Not only can leaking windows destroy the wood trim, it can also damage the surrounding walls, as the water can get in between the walls and cause mold to grow. Leaky windows also let cold drafts into your home — causing unnecessary increases to your utility bills each month.


Window leakage could be caused by a bad glass seal. Foggy windows, or windows that have condensation or moisture between the glass panes are sure signs of leakage, and an indication it is time to get the window replaced.


Window leakage can also be caused by poor installation, or lack of proper materials during installation. Insufficient use of sealant or caulk around the windows can allow water access around the window frames during driving rains, resulting in water leaks.


Old windows that are bent, warped, or have frames that are beginning to rot away are bound to let moisture and water in — replacing these old windows with new ones is the best way to stop those leaks.


At Olson Exteriors, we have nearly 30 years of experience in window installation of all sizes and shapes, as well as window repair. Family owned and operated, we use high-performance, high-efficiency Energy Star rated products and employ professionally trained crews for a result that you are sure to be proud of for years to come. Contact us today for additional information!