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Stuck Inside? Let's Remodel!

When winter seems to drag on forever and spring fever sets in, that's when we start to notice the rooms inside our homes that need improving.


The kitchen is often the first place to start. Sometimes we get so used to seeing our home in a certain way that we become blinded to how others may be seeing it. For example, you may be so used to the avocado-green appliances and "harvest gold" cupboards that you might not realize everyone else who steps into our kitchen gets immediately thrown back into the '70s.


At Randal Olson Exteriors, not only can we help with exterior projects, we can help you with your interior remodeling.


What are the benefits to doing a kitchen remodel?

  • Increased functionality. Most people buy a home and just adjust to the original layout of the kitchen. When you do a kitchen remodel, you are free to change whatever you'd like to reflect how you use the space. Never liked where the cooktop was? You can change it. Always wanted a beautiful, show-stopping kitchen island? Now you can!

  • Visual appeal. Maybe your kitchen cabinets are really showing signs of wear with lots of nicks, dings, peeling paint or worn varnish. Painting kitchen cabinets goes a long way toward improving the look of your cabinets, (and the kitchen in general). But getting completely new cabinets not only boosts the appearance of your kitchen and home, but also increases functionality.

  • Increased value. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive homes in your house. When you make improvements to these rooms, it actually increases the value of your home. Whether you are planning to stay in your house for years to come or sell in the near future, increasing the value of your home can be beneficial.


Call us at Randal Olson Exteriors, and let us help you tackle your interior kitchen remodel today.